Applicant Information

Applicant Information

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What is NursingCAS?

NursingCAS is the nation's only online application service for individuals applying to nursing programs offered at all levels. The service helps to streamline the application process while providing guidance, updates, and supports to applicants every step of the way. On NursingCAS you will be able view school’s program details, requirements, deadlines, tracks offered and other important information. Learn more about the benefits of applying through NursingCAS.

How does NursingCAS Work?

Create your NursingCAS account, research programs of interest, select programs, complete the different sections of the application (Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials), and upload or send any required supporting materials such as transcripts, references, personal statement, resume, etc. and submit your application.

When can I start my application on NursingCAS?

Applicants may create an account on NursingCAS and start their application now, please ensure that you use the following link: When you create your NursingCAS account the first page you will be directed to is the “Full Programs List” where you can search for and select your program(s) of interest. If you have already created your NursingCAS account you can navigate to “Full Programs List” by clicking on the “Manage My Programs” button on the application homepage. In the “Program Materials” section for any programs selected you can view the full details and requirements on the program homepage.

Is there a fee to apply to programs through NursingCAS?

For undergraduate level degree programs, you will be charged $45 for the first degree selected and $30 for each additional degree selected. For graduate level degree programs, you will be charged $65 for the first degree selected and $35 for each additional degree selected. Learn more about degree options.

Who should I contact with questions about NursingCAS once I start my application?

NursingCAS has a dedicated customer service team available to applicants. Contact customer service for any questions or concerns including inquires about application status, verification, receipt of supporting materials, how to complete the application, upload documents, or submit reference requests.  However, if you have school specific questions regarding admissions criteria, requirements, program information, etc. that are not listed on the program’s homepage then you should contact the school directly.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (ET)
Phone: 617-612-2880

Please note you can also check your status online, including whether or not your transcripts have been processed.

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Visit or subscribe to the NursingCAS YouTube channel to watch helpful videos on how to complete your application, enter in your course work, and to learn more about how the verification process works